Soggy Fleece Farm
Contact: Ben & Marci Bidelspach
Address: 564 Sinking Creek Rd Spring Mills, PA, 16875
Email Address:
Phone: 814-571-7906
About Us
Soggy Fleece Farm, Spring Mills, PA
We are a small, family-run farm in Spring Mills, PA. We raise our pigs out in the open where they can explore their natural instincts to root up the earth and where they can live in fresh air and sunshine! Our pigs are free to run around, lay around, and do what pigs do! Our pigs lead a happy and carefree life here at Soggy Fleece Farm.
Our business goal is to provide a product that people feel good about eating. I want to know where my food comes from and how it was raised – we want to provide that security to our customers too!