The Minestream Farm
Contact: Brad & Jill Yohn
Address: 12437 Mine Stream Lane Shade Gap, PA, 17255
Email Address:
Phone: 717-977-9928
About Us
While we have raised various livestock and have been gardening off and on over the years it wasn't until 2017 that we took a leap of faith and decided to expand and create the business we have today, which includes raising a number of livestock (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and turkeys). As the 7th Generation to farm the property that we live on we aim at, "Sharing our Roots and Cultivating Togetherness" one plate, one bite at a time!

Our animals freely roam on our lush green pastures as well as are given a non-GMO and antibiotic free feed that consist of Barley, Silages, Forages, Grasses, and Hay; all of which are grown on our own property.